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The 2009 Toronto civic strike is wrecking havoc on the lives of all who dare step into the city limits.  Just as summer season is in full swing, people are rudely greeted with the pungent smell of piles of week old garbage.  While the city politicians and civic workers take their time reaching an agreement, Torontonians have been stranded with few alternatives.  Temporary garbage dumps attract long waits and occasionally a dirty look from the striking workers.  As a result, garbage is piling up in the streets, alley ways, and even your home.  The only ones not offended by this entire debacle are pesky rodents, small mammals, and insects, who seem to be enjoying themselves at our expense:

So what can you do to ensure your family or business is safe from pests?  Nimby offers rodent, small mammal, insect control as well as odour elimination sprays in the Toronto area. We are just a phone call awey:


Rodent and Small Mammal Control:

Controlling small mammals and rodents in and around your home is probably one of the greatest reasons NIMBY clients contact us.  These furry pests are crafty little creatures and are often fairly difficult for the average home or business owner to control.  That's where NIMBY comes in!  We have several methods of controlling a animal population that can eliminate the current problem and also "exlude" other rodents from entering the area in the future. How can we help keep your garbage pest free:

  • Rodent control using secured bait stations with approved rodent bait along with traps
  • Small mammal control through live animal trapping and relocation

Insect Control:

Piles of old, rotting garbage can attract all sorts of insect species.  These tiny pests can be both extremely bothersome and difficult to control.  Leveraging our extensive pest control experience, Nimby will identify which pests are present and act accordingly.  With a Nimby expert on your side, insect pests don't have a chance.
Odour Control:
What happens when all of the garbage in Canada's largest city is left in the hot July sun for several weeks?  Scientifically speaking, the answer is very complicated, but to our noses it is painfully obvious - it stinks!  Nimby can stray to neutralize these foul odours so your family or customers can breath easy and continue to enjoy the great summer weather.


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There are literally thousands of pests that can infiltrate your home or business.  If you have a pest but are unsure what it is just give us a call and we'll come take a look.

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