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NIMBY Pest Management offers “best-in-class” services to all of our clients. We are dedicated to offering a world class service to make customers happy with superior results. At NIMBY we are now leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience with wildlife and pest control by offering training to your corporate employees to improve your daily operations.


We understand that the needs of your business are unique and require specific training that meets the requirements of your services. At Nimby, we take all of this into account and ensure that we offer you with step-by-step procedural training that will allow you to properly implement pest control practices. We will offer you with the necessary training that will allow you to enhance your response to pest control maintenance and issues.


Some of the issues that will be covered in our Structural Wildlife Control Training:

Controlling Wildlife Damage:

One of the most important objectives of our Wildlife training program is the reduction of damage to both wildlife and their surroundings.  Our program teaches training in a practical, humane and environmentally acceptable manner.  Our Wildlife managers and wildlife control operators will train your employees to base their control methods on the habits and biology of the animals causing damage thus their efforts will be more effective and will serve to maximize safety to the environment, humans and other animals.

A key to controlling wildlife damage is prompt and accurate determination of which animal is causing the damage. NIMBY will train your employees to identify the pest by thoroughly examining the damaged area. Because feeding indications of many wildlife species are similar, other signs – such as droppings, tracks, burrows, nests or food caches – are usually needed to make a positive species identification.


Before initiating any wildlife control activities it is essential that you and your employees are knowledgeable in the local, regional, provincial and federal laws pertaining to wildlife control.  NIMBY Pest Management will train your employees to follow guidelines and ensure compliancy every time. 


Beyond legalities, there are ethical considerations in wildlife management. First, is to respect the animal. No matter how angry an animal makes you, it still deserves to be treated responsibly. This means that when you trap, you commit yourself to checking the traps every day. This means weekends too and when it is cold, and rainy. If you can't check a trap on a daily basis, then don't set it. Second, learn how to use your equipment so as to minimize non-target captures. Training is available (for no cost) at the Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management. Third, consider how you will dispose of the animal BEFORE you begin control. Even if your state permits translocation of wildlife does not mean it is the most humane. Control during the spring months does run the risk of killing the young by starvation because you killed or relocated the mother. Finally, if you choose to kill the offending animal learn how to perform this responsibly before you begin trapping.


Wildlife control involves risks both through injury to person and property but also through disease. We will teach you how to protect yourself and those you love BEFORE beginning a wildlife control program.

Contact us today to begin your training program.


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