Bird Control

Bird Control (pigeon, crow, goose, seagull, sparrow)

Burlington Ontario

Preventing birds such as seagull, sparrow, pigeon and the crow from landing, roosting as well as nesting is known as bird control. Such effort as you might already know is deliberate and necessary in order to put a stop to the health risks among other challenges posed by these winged pests.  Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control provides you with the bird control services that you require.   

There are different options available to assist you in addressing bird control measures for anyone living in Burlington, Ontario. The solutions that we offer are both humane plus environmentally friendly. Although birds; our feathery friends are beautiful they can nevertheless sometimes constitute a nuisance, while living together with us. So below are some pieces of info on different bird control possible in Burlington, Ontario.       


Different parts of Canada including Burlington, Ontario would have been spared certain challenges ranging from beautification to health-related concerns if pest birds were not threatening us with their untoward behavior. Anyway whatever the case there is hope since bird control has obviously come to the rescue. Now the pigeon is one of the birds that have posed this threat. One area that this is clearly seen is in the way their droppings deface various structures or buildings. Another is the fact that such droppings sometimes destroy vegetation.      

The male as well as the female crows look outwardly similar. The big size of the crow (17 inches to 21 inches), its completely black plumage and its “caw caw” trademark sound are features that make this bird one that can be easily identified. Now the crow is a scavenging bird and it will consume anything from eggs, insects to small snakes. And even though it is protected that is by the Migratory Bird Act, this bird under this same act is allowed to be controlled under some conditions. In addition, crow can be very noisy disturbing peace and quietness of any human habitation making them unfit for such places.           

Another bird that may cause problems, while living within human habitats is the sparrow. Although welcome in several homes, the noise that these birds make when they gather in a flock can be disturbing especially if a business place is close by. The sparrow is also known for making nests inside drainages including other little enclosures thereby causing clogging as well as possible flooding. Also, droppings from sparrow contain uric, which may damage metals.     


Even though seagulls are usually referred to as seafaring creatures they will often assembly together where there is substance or food to consume. They scavenge and can be a serious source of concern in urban settings. They are protected by several laws and cannot be controlled unless a permit is obtained.       

Okay if you are currently faced with bird problem there is definitely one place you can certainly turn to; which is no other than Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control. Our services are designed to meet your specific pest control need.