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Ants, Bedbugs, Carpenter Ants

Milton Ontario

You might have come across several insects in your home or building at one time or the other. But dealing with pest insects such as bedbugs or carpenter ants that cause destruction of some sort is a different thing altogether. So how do you deal with this? There are two options available to you. That is the DIY (do it yourself) option or have a professional carry out same on your behalf. Well, if you are seriously considering cost you will want to attempt this by yourself. But the only problem is that lack of experience with respect to this and the “know how” of this puts you at a disadvantage. So why not contact an expert today.
If you happen to reside in Milton, Ontario and want an assessment of your building done this is good. And you are on the right track and must ensure that this is carried out especially if you have noticed certain destruction that can be attributed to insects in your building. Take note that this action might just be saving you a lot of damage that will equally cost you a reasonable amount of money to correct if left unattended to.    
So if living in Milton, Ontario are you currently considering insect pest control? 

If such is the case, then Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control is at your beck and call. We offer services designed to meet the needs of both individuals as well as corporate bodies. And if pests have been having a nice time in your building or you just suspect that you may be having this problem it is good to be proactive and take the right step by carrying out an assessment. At Nimby this is what we do first when given any pest control job. Anyway if bedbugs are currently being suspected or assumed to be in your building, here is information on where to look for either their shells or the bedbugs themselves. Okay the places are:

•    Inside such ares like drawers including dressers as well
•    Window area, at the back of loose wallpaper, plus baseboards as well
•    Underneath your carpet, rug and do not neglect checking edges of these items as well

Now it is also possible that your search around the house or building does not present bedbugs, bedbug shells or anything significant, but only items that look suspicious. This should not be taken for granted as they might point to the existence of another pest or even bedbugs since you are not an expert to conclude what and what exactly constitutes evidence for bedbug presence. This is why such items should be turned over to us. We will look at it and advise you on the next line of action to be taken.                       
Finally, be aware that Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control surely has its customers in mind. With respect to this, you can expect the service that we offer to be customized to meet your particular needs. We are here for you! 


NIMBY: Carpenter Ants

Last Updated on Sunday, 22 April 2012 12:29

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