Wildlife Control

Wildlife Control (Possum Control, Raccoon Control) and removal service

Oakville Ontario:

The need to control wildlife and provide removal service stems from the existence of many problems these pest animals cause businesses as well as homeowners. Animals such as raccoons plus possums can bring all kinds of problems while taking up residence in your house. This is more so with the raccoon as this pest will look for an ideal place that is both safe as well as warm when spring is here to nest plus give birth to its babies. Oftentimes, such locations are far off the ground like the attic. However, the raccoon also makes use of the garage since it is usually warm and safe.       
Possum Control   

Now possums are animal pests that are oftentimes mistaken by some to be yet another rat. However, they are just about the same size with a tiny cat and possess a coat that is gray-brownish plus a face that is white. Also, this animal is endowed with hairless tail that is long and of course a nose and two ears. It has 50 teeth, which it may use to defend itself with, but doesn’t as it is mostly harmless, not posing any threat as such to people. Notwithstanding, it ought not to be taken for granted since it remains a wild animal.    

Whenever a possum is threatened it “plays dead” appearing to be so and even smelling like a dead animal. Its firm, curled body might be prodded when playing dead, or possibly turned over and taken away without it displaying any sign of consciousness, but this animal afterwards will some few minutes to maybe hours regain consciousness and run away. Damage caused by possums is usually from residing under your home, inside pipes, attics or crevices.  

To prevent possum invasion do ensure the following:

•    Do not allow the food of your pet to be left outside over the night
•    Always endeavor to pick fruits that have dropped from trees
•    Prevent hide-outs by clearing woodpiles, bushes, et al.
•    Make sure garbage is properly stored in tightly-enclosed containers

 Raccoon Control

Maybe the first thing you need to realize about raccoons is the fact that these wild animals are very intelligent, curious and equally vicious. They are easily recognizable since raccoons possess ringed tails, faces with black as well as white patches. This is most likely why they know as the forest’s “masked bandits.”   

Most times raccoons usually choose a place that is dry and warm such as your attic so that they can nest plus grow their babies here. Entry into the attic is usually made through a hole that has been created in roof vents, roof pipes, et al. This will make this part of your home susceptible to water damage, but besides this, they will also defecate, chew wiring plus remove your insulation. Do not ignore their presence as this might result into further damage of this part of your home.        

Below are tips to assist you in preventing the presence of raccoons in your home or elsewhere:

•    Ensure lights are installed close to compost area and garbage storage
•    Do proper clean up every time after barbecues in order to avoid attracting raccoons
•    Tightly close garbage containers plus compost containers as well
Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control is available to ensure raccoon or possum is very well kicked out of your home so that you can avoid the discomfort their presence brings. Consequently, it is important for you to take the very first step by calling us this day if you suspect or notice the presence of either of this wild animal.