Bird Control

Bird Control (pigeon, crow, goose, seagull, sparrow)

Toronto Ontario

Bird control is a generic term that refers to methods used in eliminating or deterring pest birds from landing, roosting as well as nesting. This deliberate effort is necessary since pest birds may bring about health-related challenges via their feces. Also, bird droppings could bring about damage to one’s property plus equipment. One of the areas Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control specializes in is pest bird control.

We have many different options available to help you in getting rid of pest bird issues that you may have in Toronto Ontario. We offer you humane plus natural services or solutions that are also environmentally friendly for those bird pest challenges that you are currently facing. Although birds are fine animals it is usually necessary to get rid of them from human habitations. Alright provided below is some information on specific bird control in Toronto Ontario.


If you live in the Toronto area you will probably have noticed the challenge birds pose for residents. This is increasingly so when it comes to the pigeon as they cause some disturbance as they roost and bring about damages that are sometimes expensive to correct to cars, buildings, homes and businesses. Their number is a great challenge with pigeon droppings, which actually contain uric acid eating into surfaces it comes in contact with. Canvass awnings, painted drawings, signs as well as other surfaces like this are at risk the most. However, this top urban bird pest is one of the reasons why Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control exists. We have several methods we make use of in trapping pigeons. 

There are actually two major crow species in Ontario and this includes: the fish crow; which is smaller and the common crow; which is bigger. Now the crow is a scavenger and it can consume different things including: eggs, insects, small snakes, frogs, carcasses from dead animal, mice, etc. Some of the problems this bird causes result from the tremendous noise they make during their flocking phase as well as that of harassing both animals and humans they come across in the area during this period. In addition, there feces is another problem area as its large buildup can result in structural damages.       

Although the sparrow is a bird that is often seen and usually welcome in homes, these noisy birds can disturb or cause noise problem in office or business settings. This is often the case when they gather in large flocks. Besides this because of their penchant for nesting in drainage piping and other small enclosed areas they cause clogging as well as flooding. Also, their droppings equally contain uric and can result in extensive destruction to metals as well as other substrates.


Even though gulls are often regarded as seafaring animals they will gather almost anywhere there is food. And although they may be beautiful to observe in their natural settings these scavenging birds tend to be major pest problems in urban locations. Nevertheless, be informed that there are various Provincial plus Federal laws that protect gulls, thus making it important for permits to be obtained first before control can be effected on seagulls.

Finally, if you are having problems with any of these birds, then please do call on us your bird control professional; Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control. At Nimby our services can help eliminate sparrows, deter pigeons from your home property as well as protect your warehouse from infestations plus pest bird droppings.