Residential Pest Control Toronto and Pest Identification

Residential Pest Control Toronto and Pest Identification

Toronto ontario

There is a wide range of pests that can affect your home from time to time and even sometimes all at once. At Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control our residential pest control solutions is for ants, bedbugs, roaches, spiders, fleas, earwigs, yellow jackets, plus many others that can be regarded as residential pests. The treatment methods used differ based on the kind of pest condition prevalent at the homeowner’s property as well as on the concerned individual’s preferences. Initially, we will carry out inspection on the said property and thereafter come up with the much needed management and/or treatment plan that is required for every particular circumstance. 

We will make known to our clients (prospective or not) the benefits and disadvantages obtainable from every one of the possible options or method available. And we provide our clients with different types of programs that include traditional or conventional spraying programs to the integrated pest management program.

Pest services that we offer homes include:

•    Spray programs 
•    Pest exclusion baiting plus monitoring
•    Removal of spider web

Also, available are monthly as well as bi-monthly programs for intended applications as well as for preventive services. Nimby provides professional service regarding pest management for its residential clients. We are aware that control of pests within as well as around the perimeter of your residence is of serious concern to many homeowners. Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control is prepared to work together with you in controlling these pests of nature. This, we will do in an environmentally-friendly plus humane manner. You see Nimby provides remarkable pest management that addresses your entire pest control concern.

 Every service call starts with a complete inspection of the home and a custom-fitted program to address your specific and current pest issues. While waiting for the outcome of the complete or thorough inspection a service plan will be recommended to you. Now this might include a one-time guaranteed service, on the other hand it might include a suggestion that you should be a part of our residential program for pest management. Also, all our “one time” guaranteed service is backed by a written 6-month service guarantee.     

Alright Nimby pest management program is designed to provide service that will meet your present needs, 2 scheduled services every year; one in the spring period and the other during the fall. In addition, upon request additional services can be included into your custom-built pest management plan. The program covers rats, stinging insects, mice, roaches, ants, earwigs, pill bugs, silverfish, spiders, sow bugs and ground beetles.     

So if you live in Toronto Ontario you should get in touch with us; Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control as soon as possible to help you with pest identification and residential pest control. And with respect to pest identification we can also help you out here. Therefore, if you have come in contact with any wildlife animal that you cannot readily identify please equally give us a call as we can help do this for you.      


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