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Wasp Control and Bee Control

Toronto Ontario

Living in Toronto, Ontario can be a wonderful experience especially during the summer when you can enjoy the nice weather that this period ushers in. Nevertheless, this experience can be short-lived or cut short with the presence of some unwanted guests; pests. These pests include wasps and bees among others. Even though these wonderful creatures are an important part of the ecosystem (wasp for instance is an important biological control of other insect species) they can mar your day, while relaxing in your outside patio or quite backyard. This happens when they sting you after being slightly provoked by you even when no harm was meant at all.    

Now a sting from a wasp or bee may be fatal indeed especially if one is allergic to it. Although people like these are obviously at risk, millions of others that have never had this experience might be at risk as well without being aware of same. This is why it is important as a father, mother or business-owner to maintain an environment that is devoid of bees as well as wasps so that you can enjoy the safety and comfort of your immediate environment.    

About Wasps and Bees

Bees are sturdier and “hairier” when compared with wasps, which possess a body that is more slender than that of the bees with a waist that is very narrow. Also, wasps appear smooth as well as shiny. Another point of difference between these two is the way they feed. Bees feed on nectar and pollen only with both being a source of carbohydrate and protein respectively. Wasps on the other hand feed on other insect species. Later on during summer wasps get interested and involved with gathering carbohydrates like sweets.

Bees as well as wasps can get very hostile as they search for food, at times this is done near people when food as well as drinks is served outside the home. Now if you get stung by these insects regularly, or you identify nests nearby, be aware that as spring as well as the summer period progresses, the situation might just get worse since the larvae will be hatching into adults. Therefore, your best bet is to get in touch with us; Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control the professional pest control company so that this situation does not get worse.
Wasp Control  

The very first step that ought to be taken in bee or wasp control is the proper identification of the insect as well as the location of its nesting site. The most ideal time in a calendar year for wasp control is usually the month of June. This is after the wasp queen has created her colony with this still small or at its infancy. However, because such nests are tiny, they are equally much more difficult to find. Also, the night is the most ideal time to carry out wasp control since wasps are not truly active at this time.

Bee Control

In addition, to locating bees nest as earlier stated; the next thing that ought to be done is destroying this nest. This might sometimes be difficult since nests at times maybe found in voids like attics, vents, etc. thereby requiring the services a professional pest control outfit.

As you can see it will be much more profitable for you to get in touch with Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control so that you do not go through the hassles of getting rid of these pests without achieving the desired result.      


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