Bird Control


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Nimby Pest Control specializes in Pest Bird Control Control. We will help you be rid of pest bird infestations on your property, residence or business. Pest Bird nests and bird droppings can cause damage to building and equipment and pose serious health hazards. If you have a Pest Bird Problem, Nimby's Bird Control has the solution for you.

At Nimby we offer several options in ridding your home and/or business of pest bird problems. We can provide humane and natural, environmentally friendly services and solutions for the bird problems that you are encountering. While birds are beautiful creatures it is often necessary to remove them from human environments. The aim of our professional bird control is to:

● Deter pest pigeons and swallows that take up residence in your buildings and under overhangs.

● Eliminate sparrows and swallows nesting in your property under eaves or over expensive machinery and equipment.

● Protect warehouses and food storage areas from infestations and pest bird droppings.

● Protect airports, hangars and runway areas from aviation safety hazards caused by pest birds.

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