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In Ontario there are two main species of Crows, the large common crow and the smaller fish crow. The Common Crow is a big, all black (glossy) bird about 17 to 20 inches long with a strong thick build and a short, compressed bill. The Fishing Crow is a smaller and even darker version of this social bird family. Crows are scavengers and will eat a wide variety of things including: insects, frogs, small snakes, eggs, mice, dead animal carcasses and newly planted crops such as corn. These highly intelligent birds are very social and the flock is in constant communication with each other, making hunting or capturing crows very difficult.

Damage Caused by Crows

When crows are in their flocking phase, thousands of these very noisy pest birds can literally overwhelm trees or buildings in an area, creating a tremendous amount of noise and harassing both people and animals in the area. Other crow problems occur when there is a large scale buildup of their feces which can lead to structural damage as the uric acid in the pest bird droppings can corrode stone, metal and masonry.

As with other pest bird species, the bacteria, fungal agents and ectoparasites found in crow droppings and nesting materials pose a serious health risk. Crows are most often the source of agricultural bird problems due to their fondness for corn and other crops, especially when newly planted.

Crow Control

Nimby Pest Management will utilize a variety of methods when controlling Crows. One of the best crow control products is 1-1/8" StealthNet bird netting (utilized and sold by Nimby Pest Management). Bird netting is extremely durable and creates a true bird barrier. Bird netting permanently resolves crow problems, keeping these pest birds completely away from the area.

In addition to bird netting, another effective crow control product is an electrical wire/track product as these pest birds are generally too nimble for most traditional mechanical ledge products. If the crows are not nesting in the area, bird spikes are a good bird control product to use to protect ledges, signage, pipes, etc. Crows can be driven away with a combination of audio and visual bird scare products if the bird scare products are implemented quickly when the birds move into an area.

If you are having problems with pigeons it is important to consult a NIMBY professional. We have the expertise to control your pigeon problems and safely protect your health and property.

Bird Control Methods:

We use the following methods for control:

Border Collies, Trapping, Netting, Bird Spikes, Auditory Distress / Predator Calls, Falconry, Pyrotechnics, Decoying & Repellents.

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