Goose Control


While our Canadian Geese are both beautiful to watch and a valuable natural resource they have, in past years, become a nuisance to many businesses, parks, golf courses and even private homes. Flocks of geese have become year-round residents of some areas where waste (feces) and grazing have caused innumerable problems.

Controlling Canada Geese requires the experience of a trained specialist. They are a protected species in Canada and cannot be harmed. Thus it is extremely important that you contact us at NIMBY to assist you in this process.

Strategies for Control:

Non-migratory Canada geese are difficult to move. Immediate corrective landscaping is a must: remove cover shrubbery, use herbicides to eliminate vegetation in the pond, and reduce fertilizer to make the grass less nutritious. Taste repellents should also be applied if geese have inhabited the area for any length of time so the food source will be less desirable to the geese.

In addition to corrective landscaping, audio /visual bird scare devices should be used in combination as soon as birds move into an area to create a perception of predators in the vicinity. There are several strategies that NIMBY may utilize in order to manage the problem for you. Fencing may be used as a deterrent to separate geese from the grassy feeding areas and the closest source of water. Both grass and water are important for geese and problems will usually occur in areas that provide both. We may also use sound deterrents, visual deterrents, scare decoys and biodegradable deterrents (human and animal-safe sprays that the geese do not like the taste of).

Damage Caused by Canada Geese

Goose problems range from damage to agricultural crops through both consummation and trampling. Golf courses and lawns suffer aesthetically from their aggressive and destructive presence. The large bird droppings from Canada geese foul reservoirs and ponds, in addition to making a mess on green belts. Airport safety is jeopardized as many airport bird strike collisions result from geese roosting in open areas near airports.

The reality is that in order to control your problem with Geese you need first contact a professional. NIMBY will visit your site and discuss with you the best possible solution.

If you are having problems with Geese it is important to consult a NIMBY professional. We have the expertise to control your pigeon problems and safely protect your health and property.