Food Safety Audits




*Nimby Pest Management holds a valid certificate in food handling certification - Toronto Health Department

A food safety audit is conducted by a professionally trained staff of food safety auditors. Food processors who participate in the in-plant audit program receive a complete examination and technical assistance in all areas that affect product integrity, regulatory exposure and pesticide use.

Knowing where your in-plant deficiencies lie is the first step in enhancing your food safety and quality programs. Without this all-important knowledge, the integrity of your product and, ultimately, your brand may be at risk.

Through on-site assessments and detailed reports, Food Safety Systems audit provides you with objective data to improve your food safety and quality systems. Our detailed audit encompasses the following areas:

  • Food Safety Systems
  • Quality Systems
  • Grounds, Building and Equipment
  • Pest Control
  • Employee Practices
  • Receiving, Storage and Shipping
  • Plant sanitation
  • Processing
  • Food Defense

The Technical Services Department at Nimby Pest Management knows exactly what it takes to get your company moving in the right direction when it comes to food safety. In today's world, food processors must take a proactive approach in protecting the consumer by preventing food contamination at all costs. Elimination of process deficiencies is critical to a facility's integrity and must be handled before leading to consumer complaints and illnesses or costly product recalls. Our in-depth audits cover all processing and packaging venues, evaluating Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Agricultural Practices and Good Laboratory Practices.