Flat Grain Beetle

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This beetle has a flattened reddish brown colored body that is 1.5 to 2 mm long.  The unique characteristic of the flat grain beetle are the long antennae.  This beetle is easily confused with the rusty grain beetle and the flour mill beetle.  These beetles achieve maximum reproduction when temperatures are between 17.5 and 37.5 C and with a relative humidity of over 50%.  The flat grain beetle does not require grain to be damaged nor do they require small particulate materials to survive.  Evidence of a flat grain beetle infestation in grain stores can be observed as tiny pin holes in the germ of the grain.

How do flat grain beetle spread?

Like other pantry pests, the flat grain beetle is normally spread through contaminated grain/cereal/dried food products. The pest may enter your home if an infestation has occurred in the harvesting, processing, or storage facilities of a product.  These pests are very familiar to wheat farmers.

How can I identify flat grain beetles?

Flat grain beetles have very unique antennae.  These antennae can be between 1/2 and 3/4 the length of their body.  When trying to identify flat grain beetles, care must be taken to not confuse them with rusty grain beetle or flour mill beetle.  Flat grain beetle leave a characteristic signature on the grain they have fed on.  The grain germ will have a small pin hole borrowed into it.  Caution must be taken using this hole to characterize the insect as other pantry pests will feed in a similar manner.   If you are having trouble identifying the beetle species, contact us for professional pest control service.

How do I control flat grain beetles?

Removal of infested food goods is highly recommended as a first step.  Place possible beetle food in an airtight plastic bag and monitor for over a week.  If any beetles are observed, discard the item immediately.  While you wait, thoroughly vacuum the house and give special focus to the baseboards, cupboards, and cracks near the infested area.  Additional steps are dependent of the extent of the infestation.  For professional flat grain beetle control call Nimby Pest Management.