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Moisture and Mould Prevention and Control Tips

•    Act fast as soon as you notice water spills or leaks indoors. Whenever damp or wet areas or materials are properly dried within a day or two after the occurrence of a spill or leak, in most instances such mould will not develop again.

•    Also endeavour to clean as well as properly repair roof gutters at all times.

•    Ensure that the ground of your building slopes away. That is from the foundation of your building, in order to prevent water from entering or collecting close to the foundation.

•    Always endeavour to maintain a low humidity indoors. If it is possible you should always maintain indoor humidity at a percent below 60 percent (30% to 50% is actually ideal) relative humidity. Moisture or humidity metre can be used in measuring relative humidity. This instrument can also be procured from a hardware store.

•    Act immediately if you discover any moisture or condensation gathering on walls, windows or pipes to dry any such wet surface and reduce the water/moisture source. Condensation may be a signal to high humidity.

Steps that will aid humidity reduction

•    Make use of de-humidifiers and/or air-conditioners when required.

•    Where possible vent devices which produce moisture, like stoves, kerosene heaters, and clothes dryers to the outdoor environment. (Combustion devices like kerosene heaters as well as stoves release water vapour into the indoor environment and will lead to an increase in humidity unless let out to the outdoor environment). 

•    Make sure the bathroom window is open or switch on the fan in the bathroom when showering. Also, open windows or make use of exhaust-fans whenever you are cooking, dishwashing, et al.

Steps that will assist in preventing condensation

•    Humidity reduction.

•    Increase in air temperature.

•    Opening of windows and/or doors in order to increase ventilation when practicable. Make use of fans when required.

•     Endeavour to cover all cold surfaces, like water pipes that are cold, with insulation.

Mould sampling or test

Is mould sampling required? In most instances, where mould growth is visible it will not be necessary. Now surface sampling might be needed to ascertain whether an area or surface has been well remediated or cleaned. Mould sampling ought to be carried out by experts who posses the requisite skills, experience and knowledge.

This is where we come in. Get in touch with Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control to meet your need in this regard.



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