Piian Odour Control Systems

Piian odour neutralizer refers to a thoroughly safe industrial odour control agent that is made from only natural ingredients. This system is useful in eliminating odours and so will help address possible complaints emanating from neighbours or neighbourhoods that are close to industrial sites like landfills, composite sites, sewage plants, etc.

This product is the first all-natural odour neutralizer that has been copied as well as mimicked by others several times, but remains the most effective plus the safest.  The way this system works is that it destroys malodours leaving a neutral odour balance. When made use of in the adequate proportion, you will not perceive any smell; neither the gentle floral aroma that is of this product or the malodours present in the immediate environment.

Piian odour neutralizer is non-sensitizing, not harmful and contains no enzyme. It is equally non-flammable, non-allergic and non-irritating. Also, this product is biodegradable, ecologically friendly and does not present any threat to any animal or aquatic life.     

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Piian Systems: All Natural Piian Odour Neutralizer Overview