News on new regulation in Canada

Update on ISPM border-exemption repeal

The exemption that has been in place for sometime now in not subjecting shipping pallets that originate from Canada for the United States to the ISPM No.15 standard will soon expire this year (earliest date for full implementation has been set for summer of 2012).

The concerned exemption was put in place after both nations began policing wood packaging products or in short wood products. This, however, will change soon for certain. Initially, it looked as if the repeal was going to take place sometime in 2013, but because of the fear US has regarding some pests, namely the Emerald ash borer, the Asian long-horn beetle and others posing a threat to its forests as well as parks a much earlier date is favoured.

Below are three phases depicting the timeline for the full implementation of the ISPM No.15 protocol. They include:

First Phase

This is set to begin during the spring period of 2011. And will take effect at the US/Canadian borders as from the fall of 2011 or the winter period of the same year. At this stage written notification will be required for materials that are non-compliant.

Second Phase      

This is supposed to begin in the spring season of 2012. At this time, full implementation will be effected on crates as well as on pallets, while dunnage will be exempted with written non-compliance notification sufficing.

Third Phase      

At this time, which is supposed to commence at summer time in 2012 all crates plus shipping pallets must comply with ISPM No.15 or be rejected, with no room for any exception what so ever.