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Wasps: During the months of September, October and often well into November most Canadian residents notice a decrease in the activity of insects like Mosquitoes and flies.  However, probably one of the most troublesome fall pests is the Yellow Jacket, Wasp or Hornet.  It's during the fall months that foraging yellowjackets are will be scavenging for food.  They begin showing up at picnics, barbecues, around garbage cans, at dishes of dog or cat food placed outside, and where ripe or overripe fruit are accessible. At certain times and places, the number of scavenger wasps can be quite large.

Other Fall / Autumn Advice:  Keep an eye out for heavy ant trails around the walls, driveways, windows, fences, and throughout the yard. Interior activity will probably be around the kitchen and bathrooms, or near any possible water source.

Check doors, windows, water spouts, and roof edges for any holes. Rodents can get into your home from an opening as small as a quarter. Small droppings that are black to brown and noises in the ceiling at night are signs of a rodent problem.

Checking your home and yard is key to maintaining a pest free environment, and Nimby Pest Management will perform a thorough pest inspection during every visit.




Paper wasps, hornets and yellowjackets are a potential health threat to people and animals. Hundreds of people in Canada die each year from allergic reactions to the venom of these insects. Wasps, hornets and yellowjackets are more dangerous and unpredictable than honey bees and should be treated with respect; nests should be eliminated with great care and in a specific manner. 

Throughout Ontario, Canada and the United States wasps are seen in many types and sizes. Typically however, those of greatest concern are the yellowjackets and hornets.  This is due to their stinging habits and ability to pose as a great nuisance to home and business owners.  Controlling these insects can be very hazardous as the location of nests are often in high and or confined places.  This is why using a professional from NIMBY Pest Management is essential to ensure the safety of you, your family and those around you.

More on Nimby Pest Management's Wasp Control>

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Rats and mice have adapted to living in close association with humans, where they damage structures, chew wiring, eat and urinate on human and animal food, and carry many diseases. While these rodents are present around our homes throughout the year, they often become a problem in the fall and winter when they enter homes seeking warmth. Rats and mice do no differentiate economic level or status. They are good jumpers, climbers, swimmers and gnawers, which enable them better access to your home.

They rely predominantly on smell, taste, touch and hearing as opposed to vision. Rodents memorize specific pathways and use the same routes consistently. They are omnivorous, eating nearly any type of food, including dead and dying members of their own species.

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Realistically speaking bats are  beneficial creatures.  They eat up to 60% of their own body weight a day (a single bat can eat up to 3,000 insects, including mosquitoes, in one night).  However, even though they are a benefit to our outdoor environment, they can become a very dangerous pest when they enter our homes or other buildings.

Property Damage

Bats like to live in attics, in building walls or in the space between the roof and ceiling.  Their feces (bat droppings) cause terrible odours and can be a health risk to you and your family.  

The longer a bat stays in a building, the greater the chances of breeding and infiltrating smaller spaces. Proper removal and cleanup may eventually involve ripping out drywall, sheathing and flooring. 

*Note: Bat colonies double in size every year. Bats in Ontario tend to hibernate orgo back to the same property every year unless they are removed and excluded properly.

It is essential that you utilize a professional (Nimby Pest Management) when trying to exclude bats from your home or other building. 

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