Jan 2012

Pest and Wildlife Control

NIMBY Wildlife, Pest Control and Environmental Solutions are also leaders in the area of trapping and exclusion of wildlife, pest control, insect control and turnkey environmental solutions.  If squirrels, birds, raccoons, skunks, opossums or any other animal is causing damage to or residing in your home we will trap and exclude them from your home. As leading pest management contractors, we have serviced Southern Ontario's most prominent and respected corporations. When it comes to pest control, rely on the experts.

Locally owned and operated, Nimby Wildlife, Pest Control and Environmental Solutions serves residents of Milton and the Greater Toronto area. We provide all services necessary to eliminate pests such as termites, ants, wasps, and bed bugs. We follow the strictest standards for pest elimination in the industry, to insure the safety of your home and family.

Looking for Pest Control Products? Whether you are a pest control professional looking for quality pest control products or a home/business owner NIMBY Pest Management has the solution. We carry a wide variety of products including Bird Spikes, Mattress Covers, Bait Stations, Enclosed Box Traps, Open Box Traps, Bird Nest Removal Tools, Animal Handling Gloves (including our "Magnum Gloves") and more. Visit the NIMBY Store to browse our products available for purchase online.

Written by: Paul Adam - Nimby Pest, Wildlife and Environmental Solutions