Workplace Safety

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At Nimby Pest & Wildlife Control we take workplace safety seriously.  When done properly, pest and wildlife control can be safe for everyone.  A safe, well managed project protects our employees, our customers, and keeps our prices low due to decreased operational costs.  

Workplace safety starts with clear standard operating procedures (SOPs) written by Nimby ownership in collaboration with our most experienced employees.  These SOPs meet or exceed all legislative requirements such as the Occupational Health & Safety Act. Due diligence is important to maintain a safe workplace and Nimby pledges to the continuous improvement of SOPs.

workplace safety
Providing our employees with proper tools and training is the second step to workplace safety.  When dealing with wildlife or pests, having the correct equipment for the job is not only necessary to achieve the best results, but to ensure these results are reached without risk to our employees or customers.  Furthermore, our experienced employees receive periodic training on the latest SOPs and equipment.  This is a necessary element of our commitment to workplace safety due diligence.
Finally, we encourage our employees to contribute to a safe workplace.  If an employee becomes aware of a potentially unsafe working environment they are too report it immediately to Nimby management.  A hazard analysis will be conducted and any issues found will be resolved before the project moves ahead.
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