GPS Tracking_Header

Nimby has a vast variety of corporate cars commuting around multiple cities to view their clients. The entire fleet: trucks, vans, 4 x 4 SUVs, all marked and unmarked vehicles have GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation.


A Global Positioning System is commonly used by individual for the purpose of self navigation. It is a tool that allows the user to enter their destination, view a map-like image that illustrates their whereabouts and the directions to their destination. The tool then will direct the user to the final destination throughout the trip. This tool also serves additional purposes: tracking, surveillance and land-surveying.

Nimby uses GPS as a multi purpose tool:

  • Ensure that all employees have the ability to search the destination and address on-call as well as find the shortest/fastest route to their destination.
  • Ensure that clients are able to track the whereabouts of their pest control employees’ car and determine the estimated time of arrival.