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The everyday life of Canadians gets busier and and more hectic with work, chores, commitments and obligation, even pest problems! Many Canadians can hardly find the time to relax and take time for themsleves. NIMBY Pest Management recognizes this challenge, and wants to ensure that NIMBY offers superior pest and wildlife management. Instead of worrying about pest problems, clients can take this time to relax and enjoy themselves, perhaps even do that thing you’ve always wanted! While we do the work you can get back to your life.



With the easy part is out of the way you can concentrate on enjoying yourself with your family and friends.  Below we've compiled a list of activity ideas for you and your family to do while we work! 

Places To Go

  • Go to an Afternoon Baseball Game

  • Go to the Beach and Play in the Waves

  • Summer Snowball Fight - If there is an indoor ice rink nearby you can get as much snow as you can handle. Usually somewhere by the back door 
    there is a giant pile of snow. Take a cooler and fill it up. The hotter the day the more confused your targets will be when they figure out what just hit 

  • Visit a Beekeeper

  • Go on a Bicycle Tour

  • Go Mountain Biking

  • Go Bird Watching

  • Hiking - Find some nature to hike in - but if you can't any hike will do.

  • Go Boating

  • Go to a Botanical Garden

  • Go to Your Nearest Provincial Park

  • Go Camping on a Beach

  • Canoe on a Lake

  • Go Caving (Collingwood, Ontario has some great caves)

  • Fill Your Tank - Drive until it is half gone and then turn around and come back.

  • Drive Back Country Roads with no Particular Destination

  • Go to a Fair

  • Have a Scavenger Hunt

  • Fun Fitness - Start a fitness program based around only fun activities that give you a good cardio workout.

  • Get Some Ice Cream at the Park

  • Order Pizza at the Beach - This is really a homerun in the fun department. You may have to make some special arrangements with the pizza place but money will help the negotiations.

  • Big Night Out - Have an appetizer, entrée, dessert at 3 different restaurants.

  • Go-Karting

  • Mini Golf

  • Take a Grandparent out on The Town

  • Watch Some Street performers

  • Hot-air Balloon Ride

  • Participate in a Community Clean Up

  • Hula - Hooping Contest

  • Go Puddle Jumping

  • Roll Down a Hill

  • Rope Swing

  • In-line Skating

  • Build a Sandcastle

  • Stay in a Cabin – with no power or water

  • Go on a Photo Safari out in Nature

  • Go to Your Nearest National Park

  • Go to an Observatory

  • Go Paddle Boating

  • Go for a Paddle Wheeler Boat Ride

  • Have a Picnic

  • Have a Candlelight Picnic - This can be amazing. If you buy some of those tea light candles you make a big circle around you. Bring as many candles as you have. If there is a fire danger – make sure it is safe to burn candles.

  • Escarpment Top Picnic - If you don’t live near the Escarpment  – well you are out of luck. Go to the nearest hill instead.

  • Sunrise/ Sunsets Picnic - Everybody knows about the sunset picnic what about the sunrise picnic? Have all your gear packed up in the vehicle and then when early morning comes - drive to a great sunrise watching location. Have pancakes and start your day with a “Holy Geez – Life is good”.

  • Rent a Houseboat for a Week

  • Rock Star - Rent a limo and driver for a couple of hours

  • Go for a Look for Cool Rocks Hike

  • Ride a Roller Coaster

  • Row a Boat

  • Go Sailing

  • Attend a Street Market

  • Go to Summer Camp

  • Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

  • Take a Train Ride

  • Take a streetcar ride

  • Do a Day Trip Somewhere

  • Take a Tour - Maybe a TV studio tour or any kind of big manufacturing company.

  • Visit a Farm

  • Go to the Zoo

  • Geocaching GPS - Check online. Using a GPS you can search for treasure boxes that are hidden all over the world. Lots of fun and a great way to discover nooks and crannies of where you live.

  • Its Tradition - Go to a specific kind of place in every neighborhood or town you visit. Have a Latte/go bowling/ play tennis - whatever you like.

  • It’s the Best - Find the best pizza/soup etc in your city