Why Choose Nimby

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The solution Nimby offers is two fold: catering Wildlife and Pest Control management to both Commercial and Residential parties. We understand that both Commercial and Residential clients are seeking unique solutions to wildlife and pest control For this reason, Nimby offers a differentiated portfolio of services to meet the varying needs of commercial and residential clients. Nimby Pest Management is your one stop shop for both home and business wildlife and pest control management that is effective, efficient and affordable.


Your business is important to us! We understand that having unwanted pests present on the premises of your business can be both frustrating and embarrassing.  For this reason, Nimby is determined to cater a customized Pest Management program to suit your business’ needs and execute it as quickly as possible. We work with all size businesses: small, medium and large. In addition, Nimby will offer you 15% off when using a Nimby pest management service as a corporate client.

When faced with a pest problem, remember that Nimby is here with a removal solution for your business!


Regardless of the size of the job, Nimby is here to help you remove those pests. We will meet with you and create a personalized plan that will meet your needs and safely remove the unwanted pests from your living environment. Nimby works with both one-time short term solutions as well as multiple occasion long-term solutions, perhaps occurring on a seasonal basis. When applicable, Nimby is proud to offer removal procedures that are chemical-free for a non-toxic living environment.