At NIMBY Pest Management we have extensize experience in a wide array of pest management services, including extensive commercial animal control services in the GTA.

Our commercial services include the management of:

  • Large Apartment Complex and Condominium Communities
  • High-Tech and Facilities
  • Supermarket and Retail Chain Stores
  • Shopping Malls
  • Food Processing and Warehousing
  • Hospitality, Restaurants, Fast Food and Hotels
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Facilities
  • Provincial and Municipal Buildings
  • Schools, Day Care Centers
  • Sports Complexes and Golf Courses
  • Property Management and Office Parks
  • Colleges, Universities
  • Professional Buildings

Whether you own or operate a small, medium or large business, NIMBY Pest Management can help keep your property clean, safe and pest-free with solutions for every corporation and property. By working with a trained professional from NIMBY Pest Management, your pest management program will be tailored to perfectly fit your business needs. These customized service plans range from one-time service calls with guaranteed results, up to a five-year IPM (Integrated Pest Management) system that will allow you to remain protected year round.

We know that pest control in a commercial environment presents unique challenges for business owners, their employees and their clientele. Our goal is always to minimize the risks and the negative impacts of a pest problem on your business' day-to-day. Unwanted pests in a business can quickly lead to the loss of current and potential customers, a risk we know you can't afford to take. In addition, poor animal control may lower employee morale and even productivity.

The presence of pests in a high-tech area of your business poses especially high risks. Insect and rodents in computer rooms or control panels can lead to data loss, equipment malfunction and structural damage to the building and machinery.

Providing businesses with professional, customized pest management services is the specialty of NIMBY Pest Management. We have worked with numerous large corporations to establish effective, discrete Integrated Pest Management systems (IPM) to keep your business running at its best.