A Mosquito-Free Patio

We've all experienced the irritating pests that are mosquitos. These little blood-suckers cause itchy, inflamed bumps on the skin, and are carriers of diseases such as the West Nile virus. In Canada, the populations are most active during the summer months, and into the early fall. Taking precautionary measures to keep your backyard mosquito-free will not only make your patio safer, but will also make it more enjoyable.

#1. Make use of screens

If you have a screened in patio, make sure that all of your screens are well-fitted and free of gaps or tears. If you do notice holes or rips in the screen, or edges coming loose, temporarily repair them with some duct tape until you can replace it.

#2. Cover yourself

Mosquitos are most active between dusk and dawn, so if you're enjoying your patio in the evening or at sunrise, try to wear clothing that covers your arms and legs.

#3. Get rid of standing water

Standing water is an inviting breeding ground for mosquitos (and many other insects). Dump water from bird baths, inflatable pools, pet bowls, garden pots, and other containers regularly and clean them out so as not to give mosquitos a chance to get too comfortable.

#4. Burn citronella

Citronella coils are readily available in most grocery or hardware stores. Stock up on a few to burn while you're outside for the evening. They can be highly effective in open spaces where there is not too much wind, and the light lemon scent isn't so bad either!

#5. Use bug spray

A quick mist of some bug spray with deet will help protect you from these pests. If you are still getting bitten multiple times every hour, then this may be a necessary solution.

If you think your mosquito problem might be out of control, then you may have a mosquito breeding ground nearby. Call us at 1-888-681-6266 to speak to a Nimby Pest Management expert. We can help rid your home or business of these harmful pests, keeping you and your guests safe.