Carpenter Ant Prevention

The best time to deal with a pest control problem is before it happens, so here are a few steps that everyone can take to help prevent a carpenter ant infestation. While no preventative measures are a guarantee, you can reduce your risk of an infestation that can result in a lot of frustration and costly repairs.

A lot of the things you can do to help deter carpenter ants make for good household maintenance routines, so you can get your home in order and protect it!

1. Rid your property of moist wood

Moist areas with wood are the favourite locations for carpenter ants to establish colonies. They will also nest in dry wood, but you moistness is more attracting. Repair any roofs or pluming leaks, even before they begin to affect the inside of your home. Overflowing gutters can also moisten wood surrounding your roof or siding, so keep gutters clean and debris-free. Any wood you have around your yard should be kept off the ground, either elevated by bricks or moved onto paved areas.

2. Keep colonies outside

Before you bring firewood or other wood that has been stored outside into your home, carefully examine it for ants or damage that look suspicious. Even early signs of carpenter ants, small holes, grooves, or the appearance of wood having been sanded down, can usually be spotted with the naked eye.

3. Trim your trees

Carpenter ants can sometimes be found nesting in dead tree limbs, so removing them as a bridge to your home is a good precaution. Take the time to prune your trees, especially looking for dead branches that can be discarded.

4. Eliminate wood-soil contact

If you have landscaping around your home or business, try to keep soil away from the building, or use an inorganic barrier between the soil and and the side of your home.

5. Seal potential entry points

Regularly examine your property, especially near the base of buildings, for cracks in foundation or bricks. Wherever pipes, tubes or wires enter the walls, make sure that holes are properly sealed. Check doors and windows for cracks and gaps, and repair any that arise immediately.

Should you develop a carpenter ant problem in your home or business, call Nimby Pest Management before the infestation worsens. Our professional team is capable of ridding your property of these pests and sealing others from re-entry.