Stopping Bird Poop in Your Pool

You're probably here because you've been asking yourself: Why is there so much bird poop in my pool? Many pool owners notice, in uncommon frequency, bird poop in their pools. It's almost as if some bird is aiming at your spa, and, as it turns out, they actually are.

Grackles are a common species in much of North America, including southern Ontario. Like most species, they create nests for their young, where they will feed and care for them. As a means of keeping the nest clean and waste-free, baby grackles release their waste in what are called fecal sacks. They are a white, tough membraneous pouches that stores the babies' fecal matter until the mother grackle picks them up and drops them away from the nest.

As a defense mechanism, the species try to mask their location from predators by dropping the fecal matter in bodies of water. They usually return to the same water body every time. Unfortunately, in urban and suburban areas, the nearest body of water is often a swimming pool.

Bird Deterrents


These methods of bird control are typically the least expensive and easiest to install. They are a good first step in trying to manage a minor bird problem. Purchase "Flash Tape" or reflective banners, that reflect sunlight and may startle or confuse the bird. You can also use transparent fishing line. String the line across your yard, from your roof to your fence in a few criss-cross patterns. The reflection of the fine line will appear like spider webs, which the grackles avoid flying near. You can often see this method employed by parks and golf courses to deterr bird from flying onto the grounds. You can also purchase "scarecrows" like fake snakes or owls that are meant to scare off birds. While they may look lifelike to us, they are rarely realistic enough to be effective against these pests.


Sonic bird deterrents emit either bird distress or predator calls. They are no louder than typical bird calls you would hear every day so they won't irritate you, your neighbours or your pets. The grackles will register the sounds as a sign of a threat and leave your area. Contact us today if you are interested in one of these state of the art, highly effective systems.

If these simple solutions don't fix your bird problem, give us a call at 1-888-681-6266 for a consultation and recommendation from one of our pest control experts in your area. No matter what your pest problem, the experts at Nimby can help.