Residential Pest Control Burlington and Pest Identification

Residential Pest Control Toronto and Pest Identification

Burlington Ontario:

Although you may find various pests in your home or in your business place, Nimby Pest, Wildlife Control and Environmental Solutions has designed our services to meet the needs of both residential and commercial clients in Burlington. In this way we are able to  ensure that our residential clients receive pest control services tailored to the needs of homes.  Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control has the solution to quickly and effectively address the pest problems in and around your home including bedbugs, yellow jackets, spiders, ants, fleas, earwigs and all insects found in the Burlington area. Strategies used in treating different situations depend on pest condition plus the customer’s preferences and we employ green solutions whenever possible.

Our first stop in managing your pest problem is a thorough inspection of your building or property. After which an action plan follows.   

We will then inform you of the benefits and/or disadvantages that exist with all methods and options available. There are different programs that are on offer to clients. This includes conventional spraying programs as well as the Integrated Pest Management program also known as IPM.    

Here is a list of pest control services that Nimby provides homes:  

•    Helping homes or residences to remove spider webs
•    Spraying programs
•    Baiting plus pest exclusion baiting

Also, there are monthly plus bimonthly programs that have been designed for intended applications as well as preventive services. We equally do offer professional services to our residential clients. Since we are aware that homeowners do consider the pest issue in their homes an important one we are always disposed to collaborating with any homeowner or anyone for that matter regarding residential pest control. Our services are carried in the most humane and environmentally friendly way with our pest control strategy aiming at pest control from a holistic perspective.          

Every service that we render will usually entail a complete inspection of your premises with a custom-designed program to address your prevailing pest challenge. Also, while you wait for the inspection’s outcome we will suggest a plan on how your service will run. In other words, you may be interested in our one-time service package, which is guaranteed or you may opt to be part of our residential pest management package option. The one-time service option is guaranteed with a written 6-month document.   

Alright the Nimby pest management package or program has been designed to address present needs, including 2 pre-determined services every year; one coming in spring, while the other will occur during the fall. There is also room for additional requests for service to be accommodated since this can be included into the customer’s personalized program. This pest control package is one that will cover roaches, rats, stinging insects, show bugs, ground beetles, earwigs, mice, pill bugs and silverfish.                

Therefore, if you are residing in Burlington, Ontario and think we can be of service to you, then please get in touch. Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control is interested in helping you in so many ways relating to pest control. With respect to this, you may want us to assist you in identifying pest that are present in your property. This, we are prepared to do and much more.     


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