Wildlife Control Burlington

Wildlife Control (Possum Control, Raccoon Control) and removal service

Burlington Ontario:

Burlington Ontario is uniquely located on the shores of Lake Ontario but with direct access to northern wildlife above Hwy 5.  As such Wildlife Control in Burlington provides unique challenges and the need to provide out clients with solutions directly tailored to their needs.  Throughout Burlington the Wildlife we often encounter are pests such as raccoons, possums, squirrels (due to the vast number of mature trees), mice and other rodents.  Of these, the raccoon tends to be the more destructive since it will usually find its way inside the home to take residence in places such as one’s attic leaving areas like the roof-top partly destroyed. Another place where this animal may live as it seeks warmth and safety is in your garage.           
Possum Control in Burlington:  

Possums can be mistaken for rats because of their shape, but these wild animals that are as big as a little cat are endowed with a white face plus a gray-brownish fur coat. They equally possess a monkey-like tail as well as two ears and of course a nose. Although considered to be generally harmless, the possum remains a wild animal and must be treated as such. In recent years possums have become more of a nuisance as they are able to easily destroy wood to gain entrance into homes and garages.     

Now each time that a possum feels threatened it will pretend to be dead and will also produce a dead animal’s smell. As it does this it will not display any conscious state sign even when prodded. But it will thereafter regain consciousness, taking to its heels. The damage that possum causes is mostly related to its presence under a home, inside crevices, etc.      

So as to ensure possum does not invade your home, here some tips to follow:

•    Don’t leave pet food outside until the following day
•    Also make sure that the fruits on the ground outside your home are picked
•    Ensure your garbage can or container is properly enclosed
•    Clear possible hide-outs like bushes, woodpiles

 Raccoon Control in Burlington:

One striking feature that raccoons have is that they are curious and so intelligent. In addition, these animals can be vicious. You can easily recognize a raccoon since this animal possesses a white and black patched face, and a ringed tail.      

Oftentimes, the raccoon will usually select an area of your home that is dry, warm and safe. This maybe your attic as it will be suitable for nesting as well as growing the raccoon’s babies. Raccoons find their way into the attic via holes made inside roof pipes, roof vents, etc. thereby making this place a candidate for water damage. Other challenges with the presence of this animal here is that they defecate, chew up your wiring and get rid of your insulation.           

The following tips will guide you and prevent raccoon presence in your building:

•    Installation of light near compost or garbage area
•    Proper cleaning up after barbecues in order not to attract raccoons
•    Ensure adequate closing of compost or garbage container   

If you find that your Burlington home or business is being threatened in any way by the presence of raccoons, possum or squirrels just give Nimby Wildlife, Pest Control and Environmental Solutions at 1-866-681-6266. Our methods are humane as well as environmentally friendly.