Wildlife Control

Wildlife Control (Possum Control, Raccoon Control) and removal service

Milton Ontario:

Animals of the wild that make their way to the homes of human beings include the raccoon and the possum. These animals or wildlife such as these have made it mandatory for homeowners or landlords including others to carry out wildlife control on their property. This is the case because of the devastation that is brought about owing to the presence of these animals. In the case of the raccoon this animal is known for destroying roof-tops and other parts of the home so as to gain entrance into places such as attic.          
 Possum Control 

Yes, many may still confuse the possum with a large or big rat, but this animal is not one rather it belongs to the wildlife family. And has a whitish face with almost the remaining part of the body covered in gray-brown fur.  Besides these it equally has a tail, a mouth in which can be counted 50 teeth. Then, of course as expected it possesses a nose and two eyes as well. In spite of not being considered dangerous the possum must still be approached with caution if need be.                        

Possums when suspecting danger will pretend to be dead at the same time producing smell, which is similar to that oozing out of a lifeless animal. And will remain in this condition for sometime; maintaining this pretence even when poked. However, soon afterwards consciousness will be regained and then it will find its way. Possum damages are attributable to the animal’s presence in cracks, underneath homes, et al.    

So as to discourage possums from visiting and living in your building you need to adhere to the following. This includes:

•    Not leaving food that belongs to your pet outside over the night
•    Properly sealing garbage
•    Picking up fruits that you find laying on the floor outside your home
Raccoon Control

The raccoon is an intelligent animal that can be vicious. And its physical attributes are such that it cannot be easily missed in a crowd. Regarding this the raccoon’s fox-like face consists of white and black patches with a tail at the end of its body.  

Now the raccoon in its search for warmth and safety in order to nest and raise its brood will usually find a house belonging to a member or members of the human family as meeting its requirement. Upon establishing itself in the home of this person the raccoon would have at least caused damage somewhere and this is concerning where it forced itself in, which could be via the roof-top or some other place. Well this is not the only problem with the raccoon’s presence as it will as well defecate inside the attic or any where else that it has established itself in the hose of this person.  
Alright here are tips to help you in ensuring raccoons do not make your home their abode. These include:

•    Making sure that light is well-installed in places where garbage or compost is present
•    Ridding your home of grease drippings after having barbecue as such attract raccoons
•    Covering compost as well as garbage properly and tightly

Lastly, wildlife pest disturbances pose a risk to the health plus the safety of us all especially for the safety of our children and other vulnerable members of society. So let Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control help you in addressing this if there is a need to. We expect a call from you today!