Bird Control

Bird Control (pigeon, crow, goose, seagull, sparrow)

Oakville Ontario

Bird control as this word suggests refers to the practice of deterring or eliminating pest birds so that they do not land, roost or nest. This generic term involves a deliberate effort to forestall pest birds and has become necessary due to the health-related problems among others that such birds bring through the feces that they drop. Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control offers pest bird control services.   

At Nimby we offer various options that can help with respect to addressing pest birds and the problems that they bring for as many as are living within Oakville Ontario. Our solutions are humane and environmentally friendly in line with best practices. Now even though birds are beautiful creatures they can pose some challenges when living within human habitation and so need to be removed from here from time to time. Okay here are some important pieces of information on particular bird control within Oakville Ontario.     


If you reside in Oakville Ontario you may have noticed the way droppings from pigeons deface buildings. This, however, is not the only problem that this might cause as it is equally possible for such droppings to destroy vegetation. Also, the poignant smell as well as the unclean appearance this has will be repulsive to people passing by including customers. The economic and man-hour losses this might bring may be significant since there will be need to get rid of the droppings, repair the damage caused, and to uphold a safe working environment. Moreover, feathers can also block ventilation units, in addition to causing health hazards.     

Crows are easily identified and this bird is one of the most well-known birds in North America. Both the male and the female crow are outwardly similar. Their big size (17 – 21 inches), totally coal black plumage plus their trademark “caw caw” noise makes it easy for one to recognize them. This bird is a forager and can eat various things such as insects, frogs, small snakes, eggs, mice, et al. Although the crow is protected by an act; the Migratory Bird Act, the same act permits control under certain circumstances. One of the challenges with crows in or around human habitation is the great noise that these birds make; another is damage resulting from the feces they pass on different structures.     

The sparrow is a bird that is often welcome in many homes, but these birds can constitute a nuisance through the noise that they make especially in the business environment. And this is usually so when these birds get together in a large flock. This apart, the birds equally have a penchant for building nests inside drainage piping as well as other small enclosures, which eventually leads to clogging and possibly flooding. In addition, their droppings also contain uric that can cause serious damage to metals plus substrates.  


Seagulls may be considered seafaring creatures, but these birds will often gather in almost every place that food can be found. Yes, they might be beautiful to observe in their natural environment, but these flying scavengers can be a great pest problem in urban areas. However, please take note that there are many Provincial laws as well as Federal laws, which protect seagulls. Therefore, this makes it necessary for a permit to be gotten before control can be executed.    

Lastly, if you suspect that any of these birds is giving you problems, then do not hesitate to get in touch with Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control. We can assist you with eliminating sparrows, deterring pigeons away from your property among others.