Wasp Control and Bee Control

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Oakville Ontario

Oakville, Ontario might be one of the best places to live in Canada, but one thing that can change anyone’s opinion about this is the presence of wasps and bees that can sting at the slightest provocation. Enjoying the weather during the summer-time in Oakville can be cut short when one is stung by one of these pests. However, this does not mean that these insects are not in any way beneficial to us or the ecosystem, but the fact that they do sting sometimes as they try to protect their nest or search for food is what makes them pests.        

Take note that a bee or wasp sting can be fatal and this is very true if a person is averse to same. And even though such people are definitely at risk, there may be many more out there that haven’t had this experience, but may be at risk too without knowing of this. This is why parents as well as business-owners are responsible in ensuring a safe and comfortable environment devoid of wasps, bees and other possible pests.       

Wasps plus Bees in a Nutshell

One thing about bees is that they are sturdier as well as hairier than wasps. Wasps on the other hand, are slender and possess a narrow waist. In addition, the wasp insect also appears smooth plus shiny. Besides this, difference also occurs between these two insects in their feeding patterns. The nectar plus pollen is what bees feed on, while wasps consume other insects. The wasps later on in the course of the summer begin gathering carbohydrates such as sweets.     

Wasps as well as bees can be very aggressive or hostile as they go out on a food-hunt. This can happen as they come in contact with people having a drink just outside their home. And if you happen to get stung bees or wasps regularly, or if you observe nests close to your home, be informed that as spring and summer progress, the situation could even become worse as larvae will hatch and become adults. So the wise thing to do is to reach out to a professional pest control outfit like Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control before things get worse.      
Wasp Control           

The first thing that needs to be done in controlling bees as well as wasps is insect identification plus location of their nesting site. The best time in the course of the year for wasp to be controlled is in June. This is soon after the colony has been created by the queen. At this time, the colony is still small. In the same vein, the night also offers the most time of the day for wasp control to be executed.     

Bee Control

After the bees nest has been located, they have to be destroyed. However, this could be difficult sometimes since such nests may be located in voids such as attics or vents and so will need to be handled by a professional. That is a pest control company. 

Therefore, Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control should be reached. This way you are sure of getting respite from wasps, bees and what have you. Don’t let wasps, bees or any other insect for that matter constitute a menace. Nimby surely offers a way out of this problem.  


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