Bird Control

Bird Control (pigeon, crow, goose, seagull, sparrow)

Hamilton Ontario

Bird control might sound like a term that bird lovers will not appreciate because of what they think it stands for. But the whole idea behind this concept is to only checkmate the unwanted activities of birds and not to annihilate them from the face of the earth. The word in question refers to the deliberate effort made by human beings to prevent birds like the crow, pigeon, sparrow as well as the seagull and others from landing or roosting and nesting in order to forestall certain health challenges associated with these birds.
Alright Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control actually offers a number of options open to anyone in Hamilton, Ontario and others elsewhere. With the options offered not only being humane, but also environmentally friendly. Yes, birds are beautiful feathery creatures, but they can be a nuisance within human habitation if not controlled. This is the whole idea behind bird control. Please do read on to find out more about this under the following sub-headings.       


The pigeon is a bird animal that has done some havoc in Canada and elsewhere ranging from causing beautification problems to health-related risks. But with efforts made to control this bird there is respite today and in the future. Okay an area where this bird can be said to be posing challenges is regarding its droppings that deface different buildings and structures. In addition, these droppings can also destroy vegetation.

For the crow one of the two birds on this list that can be referred to as a scavenger you have a flying creature that is outwardly similar as far as its female and male counterparts are concerned. Now the unmistakable features of the crow make it easy for just about anyone to identify it. The features include: its large size, its totally coal black feathery assemblage plus the “caw caw” sound that it makes, which it is so known for. Now this bird can eat almost anything from insects, eggs, to tiny snakes. Although protected by an act the bird can be controlled as provided for in this same act.                 

Even though sparrows have been allowed to live within human habitation in their numbers they can create noise problem as they flock together. This noise is especially unacceptable in places where you have businesses. Besides the noise problem the sparrow is equally known for clogging drainages plus other enclosures with their nests. Their droppings also contain uric, which damages metals.       


For the seagull, which is the other scavenger on this list you have a seafaring bird that can be considered very beautiful when seen in its natural setting or environment. Nevertheless, this bird scavenges for food where it can be found and does pose some concern in urban setting. To control seagulls permission must be obtained from the authorities as the bird in question is protected by law.      

Bird pest problem is one of the problem areas covered by Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control. We have you in my mind and this is because our solutions are designed to accommodate tailor-made preferences of each client as we work together in delivering premium service to you.