Wasp Control and Bee Control

Wasp Control and Bee Control

Hamilton Ontario

Wasps including bees are insects in spite of their benefits to the overall eco-system that need to be controlled due to their stinging attitude which often suggests the existence of their nest being “too close to human habitation for comfort.” Now this stinging may occur as people attempt to enjoy a drink in their patio or somewhere just outside their own homes. And the value of the honey bee to the ecosystem for instance is portrayed in the fact that this insect contributes greatly to the process of pollination.       

But be informed also that stings from bees or wasps could be lethal especially regarding people that are averse to this sting. Although such people are considered by us to be at risk, many more may actually be, but neither we nor these potential candidates of this allergy would know for sure since neither the bees nor the wasps have stung these ones before, thus making their culpability unknown.  However, the interesting thing about all this is the need for people like parents, business-owners to be pro-active by providing a “safe enclave” for the people they are responsible for.       

Wasps and Bees Basic Info

The appearance of the bee is sturdier plus hairier than that of its counterpart; the wasp. The wasp’s appearance, however, is one that is slender with the insect possessing a tiny waistline. The wasp equally has a glossy plus smooth appearance. Another point of difference between these two is what they feed on. Regarding this, bees feed on nectar as well as pollen, while wasps prey on other species of insect.                   

A trait that both insects share in common is that of being hostile while searching for what to eat. Such hostility might be displayed in the way they sting people who may just be enjoying a drink outside their residence. So if you have repeatedly been stung by these insects, watch it! This situation could even get worse as we progress further in spring or the summer period, with the larvae hatching and producing adults. Now your best bet will be to reach out to the expert; Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control.              
Wasp Control           

The control of the pest insect begins with identifying the insect in question and is followed by locating where the nest is. Now June happens to be the perfect month to carry out control operation against the wasp as this is when the queen is likely to have just commenced a colony, which still is small and consequently more vulnerable. The night equally holds the best time of the day for this operation.         

Bee Control

After locating bee nest, the nest must be annihilated. But destroying this nest might prove somewhat difficult if discovered in a place like your vent. Thus, if you have discovered this nest in this kind of position you may require the services of a professional for removal to be effected.         

One professional that you ought to consider and you need to do this fast is Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control. We can handle other pest insect concerns as well. This includes pest problems relating to spiders, carpenter ants, etc.    


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