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Hamilton Ontario:

Pest disturbances like that from the raccoon plus the possum is something that nearly everyone in Canada may one day grapple with. Controlling such wildlife in a way that prevents or significantly reduces destructive behavior from these animals will bring about a safe environment that is equally devoid of the possible health-risks that their behavior brings. The raccoon for instance is an animal that will destroy your roof-top or some other location in your home to gain entry into places like your attic.       
 Possum Control:  

One animal that the possum seems to be mistakenly taken for is definitely the rat. The reason for this might not be far-fetched as both animals seem to have the same shape. However, the possum is a wildlife animal that is closer in size to a small or tiny cat with a whitish face and a gray-brown fur coat. And like every other normal animal has a nose plus two eyes. In addition, this animal has a tail much like that of a monkey though it does not hang upside down with it. The possum is viewed as harmless, but remains part of the wildlife family and so respected as such.            

Any time that the possum feels it is in danger, it will play dead or become somewhat unconscious producing a smell that is similar with that of a dead animal. It will maintain this condition even when it is prodded. Thereafter, regaining consciousness and running away. The possum’s damage stems from its presence in places like underneath homes, inside crevices, et al.         

Below are preventive measures that should be taken with respect to your premises to forestall invasion by possum:

•    Never abandon pet food outside your premises until the next morning
•    Clear every possible hideout location like the woodpiles, the bushes around
•    Tightly close containers for garbage
•    Pick every fruit that has dropped from trees outside
Raccoon Control

The raccoon is an intelligent, curious, but vicious wildlife animal. It is easily identifiable because of some well-known physical features that are common to it. These features include: a white plus black patched fox-like face as well as ringed tail.     

And this animal finds its way into homes as it searches for a conducive place; that is safe, dry and warm to nest and raise its offspring. This search will likely lead it to your attic or garage. Now forced entry into the attic is achieved via rooftops, etc. after holes have been made here by the raccoon. Certain health hazards can equally be caused by the raccoon’s presence in anyone’s home. This is often due to its defecating here. Also, raccoons may chew up wiring plus remove insulation.   
Use the tips below to prevent raccoons from invading your property:

•    Make sure that you get rid of grease drippings and other things that might attract raccoons after barbecues
•    Properly fit compost containers or garbage containers with lids so that they are tightly closed
•    Install lights near garbage storage  and compost area

So don’t allow raccoons or possums to threaten your safety or peace of mind. That is why Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control exists to take care of problems emanating from their presence in homes, businesses, etc. Get in touch and we will have this fixed.