Niagara Region

Mice Nesting Indoors - in your house

We all know how nice it is to bundle up inside on a cold winter night.  We're not alone in this quest to keep warm.

Most people assume that during winter months insects and rodents lie dormant in wait for the arrival of spring.  However, many summer pests become winter pests as they move indoors in search of warmth and shelter.  In southern Ontario and throught the greater Toronto area mice, ants, roaches and other pests often become common nuisances inside your home.  If you find any of these pests please contact Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control at 1-888-681-6266 and we'll rid you of your pest problem.  We also offer free tips on keeping mice, ants, moles, voles, roaches and otehr pests from finding their way indoors:

  • Simply caulking or patching holes outside your home can stop pests from gaining entry while concrete or wood patches will work on larger holes.
  • Ensure that potential sources of food are not kept in places insects and rodents can access (garage, lower cabinets inside your home).
  • Of course with the cold Canadian winters come the desire to keep warm indoors, often with a wood burning fireplace.  If you are using a wood burning fireplace store your wood at least two feet from the home as many rodents, spiders and insects like the shelter they provide.
  • Rodentia like rats, mice, moles, voles and squirrels do not lie dormant in the winter.  They will actively search for and build warm nests, often inside homes or businesses.
  • Ensure that all eaves or potential entries to attic spaces are completely sealed off.

For further tips and free advice give Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control a call at 1-888-681-6266.