Many know this town as a small, quant little place filled with joyous fiddling and old town class. Shelburne is a small town located on the intersection of Highway 10 and Highway 89, just north of Orangeville and on route to Owen Sound. As the home of the Annual Canadian Championship Fiddling Contest and a place people come to change their pace in life, Shelburne Ontario has become a destination worth traveling too.

Over the past decade, the town hasn’t grown excessively in population but with many surrounding cities continuously expanding at rapid rates many wildlife and pests are migrating to this small little town. The need for Shelburne wildlife and pest control is on the rise and in deter need all year long.

Shelburne deals with much more then you’d think. Throughout the town and the rural parts of this blissful escape, people are continuously having to deal with such wildlife as raccoons, foxes, coyotes, skunks, deer and squirrels.

Alongside these larger pests, there are also small sized pests interrupting our lives. Some of the smaller pests moving in are blue hornets/wasps, carpenter ants, termites, cockroaches and ear wigs. These are just a few of the many pests that could be wreaking havoc on your lives.

Wildlife and Pest Control for Shelburne, Ontario

Finding the right services for Shelburne wildlife and pest control is no longer a difficult task. Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control has the necessary services available for the needs of this rural community. With 24/7 services, no matter what you’re dealing with we can help.

Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control offers pest control products and services to protect you, your home and your business from all of those unwanted pests all year round. We provide safe environmental solutions whether you require trapping and exclusive of wildlife or pest & insect control; there is a solution for everything.

We are a locally owned and operated company servicing your town. Specializing in the removal and relocation of raccoons, bats, squirrels, moles and all the in between that Shelburne, Ontario  has, we can get the job done and get rid of the nuisances wrecking your days.

Have a specific problem? Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control have personalized services tailoring to your exact needs. Every situation is different, and we understand this. We turn your pest and wildlife control needs into a solution, no matter how unique the issue is.

It is time to get rid of the pests and call today for Shelburne wildlife and pest control services!