When you’re traveling throughout Ontario, there are several small towns that house old time beauty with new age needs. Stayner, Ontario is one of these towns still maintaining the architecture of the older buildings and being a true railroad town. Located right in the Great Lakes lowlands, Stayner is a town that experiences all things weather especially snow throughout the winter months.

With the train tracks still running right through town, Stayner has become a town in amongst other small communities of Clearview Township known for the railways and culture. A lot of the shops located in the downtown core have antiques you wouldn’t see elsewhere, fashion shops and food to die for.

Upon driving into town from the west you’re greeted by one of Stayner’s most known restaurants for its fish and chips. Even though this is a small town, it has everything residents and business owners need.

Alongside the shops and restaurants, there is another thing you’ll discover; Stayner wildlife and pest control needs. As the town has continued to grow over the past decade so has critter and pest populations.

Stayner is confronted with many different pests and wildlife including ants, bees, bats, raccoons, stray cats, termites, grubs, skunks and field mice. These are just a few but there are many more out there needing to be dealt with!

Stayner Wildlife and Pest Control Services

Instead of just learning to live and deal with the nuisances in life, Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control helps you take control of them. With the wildlife and pest populations continuously growing within Stayner and surrounding Clearview Township communities, we know the importance of taking control today.

Our services can be designed to your personal needs. Have unruly skunks and raccoons taking over your yard making you unable to use them? Let us use our exclusion processes to take these critters to a new, non-intrusive location where no one will be bothered. Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control services ensure that you are taken care of and the wildlife is also.

Have a massive pests issue, we can help! Our pest control solutions are designed to rid of the pests while giving you your home back quickly.

It is time to stop living with them and give the pests the boot! Give Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control a call today to have us come help you. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Stop hesitating and take back control today.