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Ants, Bedbugs, Carpenter Ants

Toronto Ontario

Keeping your facility; whether it is your home or office space safe from pests such as ants, bedbugs and carpenter ants can be a herculean task with little or no success achieved at the end of the day when you carry this out all by yourself. This is why you need the services of experts who can take away this burden at the right fee. In Toronto Ontario, carpenter ants for example are one of the biggest ants any homeowner or business owner can come across.  

These ants can very easily infest any home as well as any building and are usually active in the course of the spring plus summer months of the year. They like to live in wet places and usually search for wood that is rotting found on the floor, in tree-stumps or in logs. The pest problem they cause happens when these ants attack buildings or residences where wet areas have led to decaying wood.  Carpenter ants can also be present in your foam insulation.      

So the question now is: Are you seeking to control these pests in Toronto Ontario?

 Now if your answer is a “Yes”, then look no further than Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control as we are here to deliver premium service as far as controlling the spread of pests like ants, bedbugs, carpenter ants, etc. are concerned. Now if you think or suspect that you have bedbug problem, you should check for shells or live bedbugs in the areas stated below; this includes:

•    The seams, undersides, creases as well as folds of your mattresses, couches, pillows, box springs plus cushions.
•    Between the cushions of your chairs and couches.
•    In the cracks plus crevices that exist in your bed frame plus head board, the baseboards, the walls.
•    Inside dressers as well as drawers.
•    Under your carpets, rugs and their edges.
•    In clocks, radios, and telephones
•    Around windows plus door casings, behind baseboards as well as under paintings and loose wallpaper.

Okay if you notice any bedbug or shell do give us a call and we will take it from here. But if you are not sure if what exists on your property is bedbug or not you can still get in touch with us. The same thing obtains in cases where other pest threats like invasion from ants or carpenter ants are suspected. As previously stated carpenter ants often look for or nest in damp areas especially where rotting wood is present. Consequently, avoiding leakages or inadequate air circulation and other conditions that predispose different areas of your home or building to wood decay is a major step in preventing the prevalence of the carpenter ant.             

In a nutshell Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control is your professional partner with services available in Toronto Ontario to keep at bay the threat from ants, bedbugs, carpenter ants so that your home or office building can be kept safe and truly conducive for human habitation. So do get in touch with us today!


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