Wildlife Control

Wildlife Control (Possum Control, Raccoon Control) and removal service

Toronto Ontario

Wildlife control and removal within human habitation becomes necessary due to the number of problems these animals bring homeowners plus businesses. Animals like possum and raccoon can cause different kinds of damages by co-habiting in your home. This can be said to be especially so with raccoons who will search for a place that is safe during spring months to nest as well as birth their offspring. Usually, such places will be far away from the ground like your attic or in a place like your garage that is warm and safe. 

Possum Control   

Although possums (also known as opossums) are sometimes mistaken by people to be rats these animals are actually about the size of a little cat and have a gray-brownish coat as well as a white face. In addition, the possum has a long hairless tail, two ears and a nose. Even though this animal can defend itself with its 50 teeth, it is basically harmless, posing little or no threat to human beings.  Nevertheless, this does not mean they should be handled by inexperienced people as such creatures remain wild animals.

When possums are threatened, they “play dead” mimicking the appearance as well as the smell of an animal that is dead. Their firm, curled form may be prodded, or even turned over and carried away, but this animal will later regain consciousness possibly minutes or hours later and then run away. Also, possums cannot dig and won’t make much effort in building their own homes or burrow. And will likely cause damage to your home or building by living under houses, in attics, pipes and crevices.

To avoid possum invasion you should do the following:

•    Pick up fruits that have fallen from trees
•    Never leave your pet’s food outside at night
•    Store your garbage in well-enclosed containers
•    Avoid creating hiding places by clearing away bushes, woodpiles, etc.

 Raccoon Control

Possibly the first thing that you ought to know about raccoons is that they are highly intelligent, curious animals that are equally vicious. It is easy to recognize a raccoon as this animal usually has a ringed tail, a face with black plus white patches. This is no wonder they are referred to as “masked bandits” of nowhere else than the forest.    

In most instances, raccoons will select a dry, warm location like your attic in order to nest as well as grow their offspring. They can get into your attic via a hole that is made in roof pipes, roof vents, the roof-line, etc. Now apart from the damage from water that this might cause, these vicious animals will equally urinate plus defecate in your attic, chew wiring and remove insulation. If you ignore the presence of the raccoon further damage might be done that will cost you more to fix this later.     

Here are some tips to help prevent raccoons from taking residence in your building:

•    Install lights close to garbage storage or compost area
•    Store garbage in your basement, garage, well-closed container until  pick up
•     Ensure garbage as well as compost containers are fitted with very tight lids
•    Since grease dripping attract raccoons make sure you clean up very well after barbecues

 In order to ensure removal of possum or raccoon from your home or business property do put a call through to Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control today. A stitch in time they say saves nine. This is especially true if you have been suspecting or noticing the presence of an unwelcome guest on your property.