Ants, Bedbugs, Carpenter Ants

Cambridge Ontario

Some insects can become a nuisance or constitute a nagging sore thumb that you don’t know how to deal with after several attempts in the past to get rid of them. Nearly everyone in Canada would have at some point or the other at varying levels had some kind of trouble with ants, bedbugs or carpenter ants. But to solve this might mean requesting the services of a professional insect removal company. This way you will save yourself a lot of trouble and possibly cost.               

Okay you may be residing in Cambridge, Ontario or elsewhere in Canada and want to assess your property to confirm whether your home or building has been taken over by any of these insects to the extent that damage might have been caused. Well, you are not the only one. And doing this might just be what will save you a lot of money in repairs if you hadn’t taken such proactive measure. But make sure you engage the services of an expert because this critical first step is a diagnosis of your building’s condition as far as this is concerned.     

Alright so do you want to undertake pest control in Cambridge, Ontario?

Well, if this is what you want to do, then be assured that Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control is committed to rendering pest control services to anyone both individuals and corporate bodies or companies. We are driven by a passion to rid your home or office of the pests that trouble you and will begin this process by first assessing your home. Okay so if you are in doubt about the absence of these insects in your building or think that bedbugs might be lurking somewhere in your building you can carry out a test yourself for bedbugs by checking the following places for the existence of live bedbugs or their shells:

•    Behind floor coverings like carpets, rugs and their edges
•    The undersides, creases and seams including folds of objects like cushions, mattresses and pillows
•     Inside items like dressers and drawers
•    The window area, behind loose wallpapers, baseboards, etc.  

But even if in the course of your search you discover something that you aren’t sure of and think we should have a look at this please do reach us. As we will endeavor to confirm what this is. And if this points to a possible pest threat we will carry out the necessary investigation to confirm same and work together with you in order to remove this from your building. Take note that so as to prevent carpenter ant threat there is a need to avoid any leakage within your premises since this might cause wood decaying, which may ultimately attract these insects.                        
 In Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control you have a solution to your pest control problem. Our service is created with the customer in mind. That is why it can be customized to meet each client’s specific need. Let the battle with pests begin with us! 


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