Wildlife Control

Wildlife Control (Possum Control, Raccoon Control) and removal service

Cambridge Ontario:

Wildlife pest control is a service that is necessary as homeowners and others have to come to terms with the reality of the challenge that animals like the raccoon plus the possum for instance pose for the human community anywhere within Canada. This is due in part to the destruction that they cause as they find their way into our homes. It is well-known for example that the raccoon usually destroys the roof-tops of homes in order to let itself into these homes and take up residence in the attic or some other warm and safe location in your house.           
 Possum Control   

Although the possum can be said to look like a big rat it is not one, but an animal from the wild that has a similar size with a cat that is small. The face of the possum is white and on its body you have a grayish-brown coat. Also, as you would expect a pair of eyes with a nose and a mouth that houses as much as 50 set of teeth. It also has monkey-like tail. Even though the possum is not considered dangerous to humans it is nevertheless a wild animal and should be dealt with caution.                         

Okay at the suspicion of danger the possum will act dead and produce smell that is very much like that produced by a dead animal. It will maintain this state even when nudged. But will after sometime regain consciousness and take to its heels. Now the damage attributed to the possum is as a result of the animal being inside crevices, under homes and similar locations.   

To prevent possum from invading your home you should take these simple measures, which are:

•    Never abandoning food meant for your pet overnight
•    Clearing your surroundings so that you don’t have possible hideouts like woodpiles, bushes, et al.
•    Tightly closing garbage containers
•    Picking the fruits that lay on the ground of your home
Raccoon Control

One of the important features that the raccoon has is that it is intelligent. Another, however, is that it can be vicious. To identify this animal is not hard since its physical features are commonly known. This includes a face that is similar with that of a fox and this face is alternatively patched with black and white colors. The raccoon also features a tail.    

The reason why the raccoon will often find itself in a person’s home is due to this animal’s search for a warm location that is equally safe for it to nest as well as raise offspring. It is when in search for a place like this that it finds your home and concludes it will be a good place to at least temporarily stay. However, doing so will lead to some destruction like damaged roof-tops where forced entry was made into your residence by the raccoon. Besides this, the raccoon will equally defecate leading to possible health concerns.       
The tips just below are measures that you should follow so that raccoons will not come into your home. They include:

•    Making every effort to remove grease drippings, et al. that attract raccoons
•    Adequately fitting garbage or compost containers with their lid covers
•    Ensuring installation of light not far away from garbage locations 

So if you are facing any challenge from these pests do reach Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control. We believe in providing our customers with service that is in line with what they want.