Ants, Bedbugs, Carpenter Ants

Guelph Ontario

Insects are part of our lives whether we like it or not. This is true, but when such part brings with it destruction and what have you, there is the need to look at the presence of the insects in question as we come across them in our homes, offices and other buildings. Noticing that insects like butterflies are present in one’s home may not be a serious source of concern or any concern at all for that matter, but when such insects are bedbugs, carpenter ants you indeed need to take a second look. Of course taking a second look here is due to what you know these particular insects can do.    

Bedbug for instance is a parasitic insect that prefers to feed or suck on human blood, while carpenter ants may bring about damage to wood that is made use of in building construction. This is why such insects must be controlled to prevent the subsequent health effects that may arise (that is from the bedbug’s feeding) or the damage (caused by the carpenter ant’s activities) to water prone areas of the house that consist of wood. Therefore, there might be a need for you to carry out an insect pest assessment of your house or building.  

You may be living in Guelph, Ontario and realize the need to carry out an assessment of your building. Then, there is no better time like right now to carry out this assessment. Your need to do this may be due to certain things or signs that you have seen around your building. Therefore, do not take this for granted as “a stitch in time saves nine.” In other words, prevention is better than cure. In fact, this might just be the call to action that you need to take action right now. And your decision to go with us Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control will be in your best interest since to us the customer is king. Also, if you are considering checking your home for bedbugs you should look for them or their shells in such places like:

•    The inside of drawers, dressers, et al.
•    Beneath the carpets and rugs that you have checking their edges as well
•    Around your windows, the behinds of baseboards including that of loose wallpaper 

But if your search around your house or building for bedbugs doesn’t reveal anything or much you shouldn’t take this to mean you have a clean bill of health as there might be a need for you to call in the professionals. This is due to the possibility of overlooking certain areas and signs or evidence of bedbug presence or that of another pest.                           
Consequently, you will need to get in touch with Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control so that we can help you in determining your true state of affairs as far as insect pest or even other pests are concerned. Our expert advice and implementation of same in this matter is what you need to stay many steps ahead of the pests that trouble you. 


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