Bird Control

Bird Control (pigeon, crow, goose, seagull, sparrow)

Guelph Ontario

Managing birds in the form of controlling them is not something that should be considered unnecessary; this is due in part to the interference they cause in areas where they are thought to be densely populated. Therefore, the idea of bird control, which involves preventing these winged or flying creatures from landing or perching as well as nesting has been deemed necessary at least to the extent of checking their activities in as much as it affects human beings.            
So if you want a professional to help out with respect to this; Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control is that professional company to consider. We are available to serve clients living in Guelph, Ontario including other places in Canada like Toronto, Oakville, Milton, etc. Our services are designed to be eco-friendly plus compassionate. So if you like to find out more about why bird control will be needed, please do continue reading.  

Pigeon is the first bird on the list and possibly the most familiar one to a lot of people both within Canada as well as outside. The challenges often related to the need for pigeon control is regarding beautification problems that this bird causes. Another is that their droppings have the potential of destroying vegetation.    

Another pest bird is the crow and this is one that is very well recognizable. This is owing to its physical features or appearance that is striking when compared to most of the other birds. Such features include a relatively large body, completely black feathers on its body and the “caw caw” sound that is made by it. The primary issues that people have with respect to the crow include: the fact that its noise disturbs and secondly it is a scavenger that is prepared to eat almost anything and will forage human dwelling places for food if necessary leading to possible health and other concerns in this area.               

It is possible for many who are coming across this article to wonder why sparrows should be mentioned among these pest birds. Since many welcome it in their homes.  Well, the sparrow has been included because of some challenges it presents within human habitation. Like the crow the sound that comes out of its beaks can be quite disturbing, also sparrow droppings have uric, which may damage metals.  


So what about the gull? Yes, it happens to be the last bird to be considered here as posing challenges of some sort to where humans live. It scavenges also like crows do. And even though the gull is a seafaring creature since its natural habitat happens to be the sea or water it can visit other sites or places where food is. It is with respect to such visits that the seagull presents human habitation often urban settlements visited with challenges.            

 There are different problems presented by different animals including birds that Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control can help you resolve. We also specialize in providing insect pest control and wildlife control.