Wildlife Control

Wildlife Control (Possum Control, Raccoon Control) and removal service

Guelph Ontario

The necessity of wildlife control service to many within Canada and elsewhere is owing to the real challenges posed to safety, health and beautification. The possum including the raccoon are examples of animals whose presence challenge people when it comes to keeping their homes free from wildlife damage to their building or property. So as you continue to read this article you will find useful information about these animals and how to prevent or discourage them from getting on your property in the first place.     
Possum Control   

Alright the possum is not to be taken for a rat even though it might be said to have a similar shape with this animal. Now some of the physical attributes of the possum include: a mouth that contains 50 teeth, 2 eyes, a nose, a white face and grayish brown fur. It also possesses a tail that is similar with that of a monkey’s. Approaching the possum since it is considered not dangerous is not a very good decision as it still remains a wild animal.     

A possum when frightened or in trouble will feign dead and produce smell that will make one assume it is dead. It will continue this pretence remaining in this condition for a while even when it is pushed or prodded. Nevertheless, sometime afterwards, it will become conscious and run away. Damages that result from the possum do occur because of this animal’s presence in places like crevices, underneath buildings, etc.    

In order to make sure that you do not encourage possums into your building or residence here are some tips to adhere to. They are:

•     Ensuring that no fruits are left lying outside on the grounds of your home
•     Not leaving your pet’s food outside the house until the following day
•    Making sure that garbage is properly sealed

Raccoon Control

One feature that you cannot take away from the raccoon is its intelligence. Also, this animal possesses physical attributes that makes it easily known. It has a face that is much like that of a fox with alternating patches of white plus black colors on it. In addition, this animal features a tail. 

Raccoon damage to homes is one that comes into place due to this animal’s search for a safe and warm place where it can raise its family. Consequently, it finds a suitable home and gets in any way it can. This could be via the top of the roof or some other place into the garage, attic or some other place. And this causes damage in this area of the house. Apart from damage here the raccoon after gaining entrance and establishing itself will pee and defecate in its new found home raising health concerns.    
Okay these tips will help in preventing raccoon presence. They are:

•    Having light installed in compost plus garbage locations
•    Properly covering composts, garbage and others that may attract raccoons
•    Cleaning up after barbecues as grease drippings from same attract raccoons
Finally, it is important not to take the presence of wildlife animal in your home property for granted. Nimby Wildlife and Pest Control can be consulted to assist you in addressing this problem.