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As air travel has increased so has the hazard of birds to the safety of air travel.  Airports are constantly trying to find effective means of controlling the bird populations in and around their facilities.  All airports, large or small, have shown serious interest in techniques and products that could control this hazard. Indeed, the need for effective bird control measures at airports and elsewhere has only increased over the years.

The ever-constant and growing level of air traffic, and the development of larger, faster, and quieter jet-engine aircraft, has raised the risk of serious bird strikes. In Canada, with the passing of the day-to-day management of airports from Transport Canada to private airport authorities, the authorities are assuming responsibility (and significant potential liability) for the control of the bird hazards at their airports. It is important that the airport authorities show due diligence by employing bird control measures that are appropriate for their particular situations. They must use appropriate products and techniques but it also is important to them that they know what is the most cost-effective approach.



NIMBY Airport Bird Control:

We know that no two airports are exactly alike in regard to their bird control problems. Each airfield is attractive to birds for a different variety of reasons, and the reasons vary with the species of birds involved and the time of year. Birds can be attracted to airports for food (e.g., earthworms, grasshoppers, and seeds), water, and shelter; and because the airports provide suitable nesting habitat or woods for overnight roosting. Each species of bird has its own behaviours, habitat preferences, preferred foods, loafing and roosting habits, flocking tendencies, and times of seasonal occurrence.

In addition to the above, certain features that are nearby or even at some distance from airfields can create different bird hazards to aircraft safety at each airport. For example, flightlines of birds between a nighttime roosting area and a daytime feeding area such as a landfill, can create serious hazards if the airport lies between these areas. Nevertheless, there are some characteristics and requirements of bird control that are common to most airports.

Nimby Pest Management has the expertise and experience to effectively manage any bird control problem.

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Methods used to control birds:

Trapping - Trapping allows for humane removal of pest birds.  Nimby Pest Management utilizes several types of traps including pigeon traps (capture up to 40 birds at once) and V-Top traps (specifically for starlings and sparrows).  More Info>

Avitrol - this product is used to eradicate bird problems when other methods may not work.  Avitrol is used as a chemical frightening agent to remove pest birds from a given location. Birds eating the treated bait will be affected in a manner that will artificially cause them to emit distress and alarm cries and visual displays used by their species. This will frighten the flock and cause them to leave the site.  Please contact Nimby Pest Management via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">email or call us at 1-888-681-6266 for more information.

Bird Shock Flex Track - Flexible and Adaptable; a low-profile electrified track that conforms to any architectural configuration.   This low-profile ledge deterrent system that is effective against all species of pest birds utilizing the principle of fear and flight, conditioning birds to stay away.  More Info>

StealthNet Bird Netting - StealthNet Bird Netting can be utilized in any enclosed or semi-enclosed area, opening or building configuration where birds need to be excluded. It can cut to fit small enclosures or even large airplane hangers.  The target birds can be any species as NIMBY can utilize different grades of StealthNet to control your bird problem.  More Info>

Bird Coil - This product is virtually invisible to the naked eye when viewed from a distance of 10 metres or more.  At a distance of 30 metres it is next to impossible to see!  More Info>

Bird Spikes - Are an excellent tool to keep Birds from Landing & Roosting.  Nimby carries an excellent product with incredible pricing.  Made of premium high grade steel, these spikes will last for years.  Our bird spikes are easy to install.  More Info>

Daddi Long Legs - This unique product features a design that protects against various species of birds including pigeons, gulls and other large birds.  The waving rods deter birds and having plastic tips to prevent injury to both birds and humans.  More Info>