stealthnet1StealthNet Bird Netting is an excellent tool for any enclosed or semi-enclosed area, opening or building configuration where birds need to be excluded. While NIMBY specializes in the installation of bird netting you can also purchase the netting from us and install it yourself.

SteathNet is made from a high density Polyethylene twine. The twine is twisted and knotted for strength and will not rot or absorb water. The netting is attached to a 2mm perimeter cable which is supported by a wide variety of intermediate and corner attachments designed for masonry, wood or steel.

The cable is tensioned using turnbuckles and StealthNet is attached to the cable at each mesh opening using net rings.

As each application is unique we ask that you first call us at

1-888-681-6266 and we will discuss your particular needs with you. You can then choose the grade, quantity and colour that best suits your home, building, bridge or other structure. It can cut to fit small enclosures or even large airplane hangers.

*We will also provide you with a shipping quote based on location.

All prices are in Canadian Dollars