Bird Migration - Risks


Canada is home to millions of migrating birds that return to our lakes and forests each spring to nest and reproduce, before returning south in the fall. This phenomena is not unique to Canada and the U.S. however, as birds around the world make this same journey every year. 

Associated Risks of Migration  (risks for birds):

Migration can cause problems and risks for both birds and the human population.  For the birds, migration takes its toll in that an estimated 50% of all migratory birds heading south for the winter may not return to breed in the spring.  Death during migration is not at all uncommon.

Collisions with tall buildings, windows, and other structures, being shot or trapped by hunters, and getting struck by automobiles are a few of the numerous human-made dangers. One of the most substantial risks for birds lies in the collisions with tall buildings and structures.  This is due to the fact that many birds cannot distinguish the difference between real sky and a reflection of the sky in a window.  Nimby Pest Management can minimize these collisions by breaking up the reflection on the outside of the window with a non-reflective window coating, window screens, flash tape and bird netting.

Nimby Pest Management offers a number of solutions for your business that will keep birds from striking your home or business, saving you money and birds their lives.  For more information please visit our Nimby-X page for bird devices, repellers and aversions.  We also sell and install high quality StealthNet bird netting

Associated Risks of Migration  (damage caused by migrant birds)

Migration of Canadian birds (crows, starlings, geese and the like) can cause severe damage to crops, vineyards and fields as well.  The damage comes as a result of birds congregating in large numbers before departing to their staging or resting areas.  The economic costs to land owners can be severe and often requires professional bird control measures as offered by Nimby Pest Management.  Nimby Pest Management provides a number of bird scare devices, repellers and aversion techniques that will humanely and effectively control your bird problems.

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