Bird Pest Problems


Pest Bird Problems - Problems Caused by Pest Birds

Birds problems can cause damage to buildings and agriculture environments. Many bird problems are due to poor planning and /or design. Nimby Bird Control Solutions has a team of experts who first study the bird problems and develop a plan of action to address the particular bird problem faced by each client.

Nimby Bird Control Solutions is committed to environmentally sound methods of bird control. This includes a number of bird control techniques including netting, spikes, electric shock and other bird deterrents. Our methods to address bird problems first begin with a thorough examination and understanding of each bird problem situation.


Types of Bird Problems

Pigeon Nesting Bird Problems

Nesting can cause fire hazards and extensive damage to roofs, eaves, structures and machinery. Nesting around building ventilation systems will cause them to clog and work inefficiently. Birds nesting can introduce bacteria and viruses into buildings. Spores, parasites, fleas and ticks can become serious health hazards in affected buildings. Nests in chimneys and vents can block exhausting of moisture and carbon monoxide. This can cause build up of mold and carbon monoxide causing health hazards.

Pigeon droppings Bird Problems

Bird Droppings are not just unsightly. They contain allergens and health hazards. They are also highly corrosive and harmful to buildings, machinery. Bird droppings can lead to clogging of the ventilation ducts and obstruction of drainage systems. Damage to equipment and machinery, buildings and roofs can be very expensive to repair. Unpleasant odors can permeate through ducts and ventilation systems. Bird droppings and feces, when inhaled, can cause an incurable disease called histoplasmosis which is characterized by constant flu-like symptoms.

Property damage Bird Problems

Property Damage to roofs, eaves, chimneys and machinery are among some of the issues faced by property managers. Bird droppings contain corrosive matter including uric acid. They are extremely harmful to machinery and equipment and are often the cause of expensive damage to stored items as well. Bird droppings can accumulate and block gutters and result in water damage to roofs and walls.

Appearance issues Bird Problems

Appearance issues Nests, droppings and debris cause appearance problems as well as safety and health concerns. At entrances to buildings, stores and restaurants they can be unsightly and a reason for drop in traffic and sales. Depending on their locations, bird droppings in high traffic areas can cause safety concerns. Around paths and walkways, and at entrances to stores and buildings, bird droppings and bird feces are slippery and unsafe, can spread bacteria and health risks.

Safety hazards

Safety Hazards are frequently less understood. Birds carry allergens, parasites, bacteria and other health risks to humans. Histoplasmosis, encephalitis and other infectious diseases are spread by birds. Birds nesting around air-conditioning equipment can spread these contaminants throughout buildings and cause a phenomenon called sick building. Birds introduce parasites, fleas and ticks in the environment around their nesting areas and building ventilation system. Air circulation can quickly spread odor and contaminants throughout the building.

Food Contamination Bird Problems

In warehouses, food manufacturing plants, grain silos, storage facilities. Grocery stores with open displays, exposed food shelves and other such facilities require special attention. Birds often find ways to nest and breed around such buildings. Contaminated food, stored items may have to be destroyed and extensive expenses incurred for cleaning and sanitation.

Bird Problems in airport hangars and small twin engine planes on tarmac

Aircraft Hazards - there are a number of bird problems besides bird strikes that are faced by municipal airports. Birds find nesting areas and form colonies around aircraft hangars, maintenance buildings. They can cause slippery hangar floors due to their droppings and thus jeopardize people’s safety. Birds will also lead to unhealthy work environments, foul parts prior to installation, cause hazardous situations when birds inhabit aircraft mechanisms. Bird droppings are extremely corrosive and cause expensive damage to the paint on aircraft. Birds also nest or loaf around airport jetways and loading bridges. Nimby Bird Control Solutions has effective bird control solutions designed especially for bird problems at aircraft hangars and airports.

Birds in agricultural fields Bird Problems

Agricultural Damage Bird Problems have a direct impact on the economics of agriculture. Birds feed on seeds or seedlings, damage or destroy ripened crops or pass bacteria on the crops possibly spreading disease or harmful bacteria. The birds may also eat or defecate on stored food. In small numbers, these bird problems are manageable. Left unchecked, they can have a significant adverse impact on farming operations, fish farms, orchards and vegetable farms. In recent times cormorants have become a serious concern in the upper great lakes region.