Bird Shit Removal



Nimby Pest Management 
knows that nothing is more annoying than having birds drop their waste on your car, home or business.  Maybe you've just washed your truck or car.  Or, you are unfortunate enough to be located in an area with an abundance of birds.  In recent years it seems that birds of all types have infiltrated out homes and businesses, leaving behind their acidic bird shit and feces.  Perhaps its time for Nimby professional Bird Feces Removal! 

Our Nimby skilled professionals are highly trained in the art of Professional Bird Feces Removal and will efficiently and completely dig out your business, home, vehicle, or loved one from the offending pile. Whether the culprit is one bird, or an entire flock of feral pigeons, Nimby Professional Bird Feces Removal has you completely covered from head to toe.

We offer Professional Bird Feces Removal for small birds, medium sized birds, pigeons, crows, starlings and all kinds of birds.

We'll make sure that not another second goes in which you are left at the mercy of indiscriminate Bird dropping.  Call us, now, for your Nimby Professional Bird Feces Removal quote. 

If you are you looking for a simple, easy, powerful way to eliminate bird shit and bird droppings then contact Nimby at:


We will:

Improves Appearance, restore natural beauty.

Cuts the risk of air-borne pollutants from dried bird waste.

Make future cleaning easier 
Improves Appearance, restore natural beauty 
Help to maintain image integrity 
Help reduce damage and color loss

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