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birddamage1Bird Transmitted Diseases

With the different transmission mechanisms in mind it is obvious that bird to human disease transmission can happen with relatively little contact. Some of these diseases are familiar to the everyday person and include: avian flu (bird flu), histoplasmosis, encephalitis, meningitis, pox, plague, and many more. While transmission from direct contact with birds is rare for the general population, transmission of these diseases is possible through bird feces and parasites, which can be a common occurrence in both urban and rural settings.

Prevention of Bird Disease Transmission

The best way to protect against bird borne disease is to exclude them from your living environment. Your living environment includes both your home and workplace, but can also be extended to include your food, water, and air resources. There have been numerous recent examples of hundreds or thousands of human illnesses caused by feces contaminated water reservoirs or air conditioning units. Additionally, children are considered to be at a higher risk of bird to human disease transmission. They are more likely to come in direct contact with bird feces or sick birds. Excluding birds from your environment greatly reduces the chances of disease transmission. However, proper exclusion requires the extermination of bird parasites. These parasites become extremely active once birds have been excluded from the environment as they require new hosts. Complete exclusion of birds and related health risks requires the assistance of an experience pest control specialist.

There are numerous techniques to exclude birds that will keep your patio free of birds and their droppings:

Bird Exclusion

Nimby Pest Management is proud to carry a diverse array of products to help keep your environment free of birds:

Nest Romoval Tool
Shock Flex Track
Live Bird Traps
StealthNet Bird Netting
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Bird exclusion can be complicated. It requires the correct identification of bird species as well as tailored exclusion methods. Some species require a combination of methods conducted by an experienced wildlife control specialist. Call Nimby today for fast, professional bird exclusion today!


Bird Dropping Removal

Birds can be attracted to your home or business by the abundance of food and the numerous roosting surfaces available. While birds can be pleasant with their bright colours and playful song, they can also be a nuisance. Bird feces can be a serious health hazard, not to mention a complete aesthetic turn-off.

Our Nimby skilled professionals are highly trained in the art of Professional Bird Feces Removal and will efficiently and completely dig out your business, home, vehicle, or loved one from the offending pile. Whether the culprit is one bird, or an entire flock of feral pigeons, Nimby Professional Bird Feces Removal has you completely covered from head to toe. We offer Professional Bird Feces Removal for small birds, medium sized birds, pigeons, crows, starlings and all kinds of birds. We'll make sure that not another second goes in which you are left at the mercy of indiscriminate Bird dropping. Call us, now, for your Nimby Professional Bird Feces Removal quote


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